Thursday, 19 March 2015

Wake Up, Aurora!

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The classic Disney princess movies. 

You know the ones: sweet girl endures hardships, an evil villain attempts to thwart her, yet in the end a prince comes and sweeps her into a new life, leading to their Happily Ever After. The princesses always got their fairy tale endings. Ariel got a life on land, Snow White's prince did eventually come, and Cinderella and her mousey companions moved from dusting floors to gracing the hallways of the royal palace. 

As a modern real-world woman I know that finding your happily ever after isn't that easy. Someone else isn't going to give it to you, and the evil stepmothers, dark witches and satanic octopuses aren't what's holding you back from happiness - often it's yourself.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul.

A lot of our problems stem from imbalances in our own lives: poisonous thoughts, poisonous food, poisonous lifestyles. We can't blame a poisoned apple, like Snow White, and in fact not choosing to eat the apple is often where we're going wrong. The modern lifestyle is one of over-processed chemical-filled foods, ADHD-fuelling dependence of technology, and not enough time to have fun, laugh and be spontaneous. 

We ignore the need and hardships faced by other people in the world, whilst we fill our trolleys with branded consumerism and stuff our faces with sugary treats in place of real food.

Over-Fed, but Under-Nourished.

What many people don't realise is that almost all of how they experience the world starts with what they put into their body. 

Depression, Cancer, Acne, Fatigue, IBS, Psoriasis, Migranes, Obesity, Acid reflux, Hayfever, Food allergies, Infertility, Back Pain, Heart Conditions, Tendinitus, Behaviour problems, Sleep apnea, PMS, Nightmares, Joint pain ... seriously my list could go on and on! All of these health issues and more can be easily helped or even healed with the right food - healthy eating is not just about weight loss!

Eat Clean.

My name is Rachael, I'm a 20 year old Scottish student, and I'm here to help share with you my journey to Eat Clean, work for a healthy body, and transition to a healthy mind and a healthy soul. I know it will be hard - I currently suffer from IBS, moodswings, and back pain, and my body is far from healthy! But I've finally come to the decision to take responsibility for my own health, and to take back the control in my life that my medical conditions have taken from me.

So Wake up, Aurora!